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SLC Proposed Class BSLC Class B Changes Effective 18-Oct-2012

After five years of planning, comments and critique it finally happened: changes to the Salt Lake City Class B became effective 0901Z on October 18, 2012. In a process driven by concerns about large turbine-powered aircraft, the UGAA worked alongside other aviation stakeholders to protect the interests and safety of General Aviation.

While the airspace changes affect everyone differently, we'd like to point out a few that might be especially important to our members:
 - modifications above and around U42, including removal of the surface area to the east,
 - changes near the Kennecott stack, removing some of the granite from the Class B,
 - floor and ceiling changes near Lagoon to help VFR traffic.

A local CFI, Dave Axenty, has published a blog entry HERE which includes detailed information along with his take on the changes.


The revolving door of FBOs at Salt Lake International has spun once again. Millionair has been replaced by TAC Air. The UGAA welcomes this new member to our local aviation community.

Those of you who like fuel discounts will be happy to know that the UGAA has negotiated a $0.55 per gallon discount off retail rates. Members will need to show a current UGAA membership card to TAC Air Customer Service staff in order to receive the rate.

Leading Edge Aviation Leading Edge Aviation

Leading Edge Aviation at LGU offers UGAA members a fuel discount of $0.30 per gallon. Members will need to show a current membership card when purchasing fuel from their full service facility.

Hangar Waiting Lists

The web is an amazing place, with all sorts of wondrous information only a click away. You can find Madonna's shoe size *, current tide tables for Shelter Cove*, and maybe even the Salt Lake City Department of Airports' latest hangar waiting lists. Click HERE to view a copy of the wait-list, but don't blame us if you don't like what you see (or if the list is really stale).

For additional information, contact:
Mike Rawson
Property and Contracts Specialist
Salt Lake City Department of Airports
Phone 801.575.2894
Fax 801.575.2041

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